Invest 10-minutes in yourself!
Learn your natural hardwired selling-style strengths


Welcome to Justified Talent's sales strengths assessment platform! You're just a few minutes away from some very powerful insights into your nature and the style of selling they best suit.


When you click the 'Interest' tab to the left you'll be taken into our 'inner works' where we'll ask you to share some information with us about you. Not much - the obvious things like name and contact details - and a couple of questions about your work history and educational background (don't get hung up about this). Then, the fun part... your self-assessment.


Key here is to be true to yourself. You'll learn much more about yourself if you just answer the questions as you actually are. It'll only take 10-minutes to complete. Once you're done we'll be notified and we'll start crunching the numbers and building your report. And then we'll email it to you. You'll be amazed at the level of detail.


When we send the report you'll be offered a couple of options - such as registering a full profile with us for future job opportunities , joining our new Facebook tribe, or, just being 'left alone, thanks very much!'.


Two promises from us.

  • We will never share your details with ANYBODY without your full permission
  • We will not spam you.

So, there you have it!


We hope you enjoy the process.


James and the Justified Talent team.

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