Introduce yourself! QLD Sales Directors (B2B)
Ready to lead the way?


Please note this is NOT a position for which we are currently actively recruiting. We are inviting all suitably experienced individuals who may at some stage be open to this sort of opportunity to make themselves known to us and to build a personal profile. We will work with you further to assist with your job-search strategies.


When roles of this nature become available and where both your profile and professional preferences are seen as a good match for the clients' expectations we will contact you and let you know of the opportunity.


At NO stage will we share your details with any organisation, without your express permission. We will seek your permission on each and every opportunity.


Are you Sales Leadership material? Are you ready to consider a new role in 2023? At Sales Managers Australia we work with privately-owned businesses, with T/O of $2M - $20M, that are ready to scale, to recruit their first sales leaders.


We are also on a mission to help as many sales professionals as we possibly can to realise their full potential in their work life. That means building a real understanding of you, your strengths, your professional ambitions, your values and your ideal working culture - and then creating 'high-fit' introductions.


If you have:

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Business, Marketing or Communications
  • 5+ years in sales management
  • 10+ years in direct or outside (B2B) sales
  • Strong sales strategy and tactics planning skills
  • Strong sales coaching skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills

And if people would generally describe you as:

  • A pretty smart person who learns new things quite quickly
  • Articulate and persuasive
  • Commercially astute and good with the numbers
  • High-energy, goal-driven and able to multi-task
  • Someone who is competitive and prefers to be direct
  • Quite sociable - someone who enjoys networking, presenting ideas to others and working within a team environment
  • A person that is adaptive and creative, within acknowledged boundaries
  • Optimistic, resilient and sees the potential in others and opportunities
  • Action-orientated. A timely decision-maker - particularly under pressure
  • Firm in addressing your and the organisation's objectives - while also open to alternative viewpoints
  • The kind of person who enjoys 'freedom of movement' and will act independently - within acknowledged boundaries
  • Most successful when provided ample information to make objective decisions yet are capable of relying on intuition when necessary


We strongly encourage you to introduce yourself to us! Click on the 'Interested' tag to the left and start building your profile. We'll also ask you to undertake a 10-minute self-assessment which will give us insights to your temperament and the sort of organisational culture you work best in. From there we will make contact and assist you to make a 5-minute introductory video - which can be used to promote you to potential employers.


Your expression of interest will be acknowledged - and kept in complete confidence. (Please note: If you prefer not to give us your home address at this time, we respect that. We would request that you enter "123 Some Street" but the correct, or neighbouring suburb. In identifying 'High-Fit' status we take into consideration the likely daily commute from your home to the potential place of work.)


Sales Managers Australia is an Equal Opportunity Recruiter. We encourage ALL suitably experienced individuals to introduce themselves to us regardless of age, gender, faith, sexual orientation and/or bodily capacity.


For regular updates and career coaching tips, connect with us on Facebook at and on LinkedIn at

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