National Business Development Manager
Unique offer to pub chains


"Hi, my name is Scott Smith, founder of Australian Clubs and I’ve got a story to tell.


As you might guess, it’s a story about clubs... and pubs.


You see, after working in clubs for many years I have come to realise that they are a melting pot of local culture, combining the ideas, visions and dreams of the people that manage it, as well as those that live around it. 


The superpowers hidden inside every club are the "personalities" and my mission is to remove all the hurdles between the club and its personalities, and revealing those superpowers to each club's community.


That’s why we think of ourselves as “The Club Community Accelerator”.


We have recently expanded our services in such a way that I feel we have a unique offering to pubs. We had already developed a great multi-venue member event called the Mega Members Draw which is aimed squarely at clubs... and have expanded to add "Cash King".... which is our version of Jag the Joker.


BOTH of these are designed to work at the individual venue level... and is also in a MULTI venue format."


And this is our invitation to YOU, to consider joining Scott and the team at Australian Clubs as their National Business Development Manager and to lead the charge with their truly unique offer.


Who are you?


Chances are you're already embedded in the club/hospitality sector and looking to make a new move - if you are and people tend to describe you as:

  • A quick and adaptive learner
  • Very articulate and very comfortable discussing business concepts in simple terms
  • A good ability to discern what numbers are telling you - you can detect patterns, interpret data etc.
  • Very goal and outcomes-focused. You have loads of energy when it comes to achieving your personal and professional objectives and you revel in multi-tasking
  • Comfortable asserting your professional opinion without being overly dominant. You have presence 
  • Moderately extroverted and sociable and happy with talking to loads of new prospects consistently, every day
  • A follower of policies and procedures yet can still be 'creative' in the moment, in order to progress or secure an opportunity
  • 'Cautiously optimistic' - you ask good deep challenging questions and you're not led astray easily by prospects
  • A natural self-leader who displays initiative and 'takes ownership'
  • A strong fact-based person who also calls on their intuition if the facts don't stack up. A logical seller who can read people

Keep reading - because that's how their best person for this role will be hardwired.


The gig


You're going to be selling "Cash King" which is Australian Clubs' version of Jag the Joker... So, you'll be:

  • Prospecting and identifying decision makers in the various pub chains around Australia
  • Approaching them via phone (and sometimes Zoom) to gauge initial interest
  • Physically presenting to the 'buying committees', demonstrating the power of their programme and the technology behind it
  • Signing pub chains up to this highly relevant and contemporary service

This is 12-month + 12-month contract, position. 


Why would you?


It's your time to shine and take the lead - not just be one of many. Australian Clubs are a small core of management staff with an extended team allowing them to be very agile in the hospitality industry. It is their "lite" structure that affords them the ability to adapt and deploy very quickly. The industry they are working in is somewhat "untapped" and that ensures many years of growth ahead - they are positioned as the innovators in their space so there is always something exciting in the pipeline.


The earning opportunity is very real and you'll be well supported by Scott.


Looks good, hey? So, what are you waiting for? Click on the Apply Now tag and introduce yourself by building a profile, telling us a bit about your experience and completing a 10-minute cultural assessment. We don't need a resume or cover letter.


Australian Clubs is an Equal Opportunity employer and welcome applications from all suitably experienced individuals.


(EVERY application will be responded to. EVERY applicant will know the outcome of their application. Because we're Justified Talent.

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