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Teacher Considering a Career in Sales?
Your opportunity to make a considered decision



Hello there, thanks for coming and taking a look. I'm James Michael and if you're here there's a good chance you listened to Elizabeth Diacos' podcast "Get Out of Teaching", where I recently came on as her guest.


For some in the teaching profession, a new career direction could include a move into sales. It's a profession where, today especially, the competencies of research, analysis, critical enquiry, listening with empathy and delivering insights which have an intent to educate, are all at the top of the much prized list. When you add to that an ability to articulate yourself clearly and with confidence, in both one-to-one and sometimes group settings, you really are describing the hallmarks of today's sales professional.


The rewards from a career in sales are second-to-none. Sales roles are, in the main, incentivised, with professionals generating additional financial reward above and beyond their base pay. Six-figure earnings are absolutely the norm for successful sales people.


There's a reason that happens, of course. It's about risk and reward. The fact is sales is the only role in the entire spectrum of employment where the possibility of being rejected by prospective clients is present every single day. In many ways, selling is like going for a job interview. Only one person will get the job and so we have to have the kind of hardwiring which allows us to move onto the next interview/sale, with confidence.


Is that you?


Well, this is your opportunity to find out.


When you click on the "Interested" tab, you'll be taken inside our candidate portal. We'll ask you to share some basic details about yourself, then answer a few simple "Yes/No" questions (your answers will likely help you discern whether sales is something you could step into - they'll also help us to know that too). The final part will be the completion of a quick 10-minute self-analysis (or, what we call a "Checklist"). It'll help build insights into your temperament. We'll compare your results with our sales benchmarks and develop a bespoke report for you.


Ultimately, we'll let you know whether we think a career in sales is a smart move for you or not.


Please understand that you're NOT applying for a job in this exercise. Also, we will not put your details forward to any organisations we are recruiting for, without your very clear and specific permission, at a later point in time.


You won't be spammed by us. This really is, genuinely, a gift to those of you interested in knowing whether you have the innate "ingredients" within you which could lead to a rewarding and satisfying career change to sales.


I look forward to giving you some clarity.


Yours professionally,

James Michael

The Justified Talent Group

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