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Located in Sydney, Runthru Software is a tech startup committed to creating the best automated tools and soft-bots for the business documentation sector. Industry agnostic, their products are clever, fast and fit for purpose tools which free people from rote and repetitive tasks so they can be more productive and focus on higher order critical challenges.


They are acknowledged as leaders in scalable procedural knowledge empowering their clients' staff to efficiently create easy to understand how-to, compliance and other knowledge documents.

Already being used by giants like CommBank, Optus, ABS and NSW Dept. of Education (plus many others), this is YOUR opportunity to join the team as their next Business Development Manager and accelerate the growth charge!


Who are you? Well, firstly do people generally describe you as:

  • A quick learner and commercially savvy;
  • Good at juggling multiple priorities at the same time;
  • Very goal driven and energetic;
  • Self-confident but not overbearing;
  • Someone who enjoys meeting with both operations, compliance and technology decision-makers;
  • A creative and adaptable thinker;
  • Comfortable in taking charge of sales situations when needed;
  • Good under pressure;
  • Resilient;
  • Pro-active and keen to take the initiative;
  • Good at reading both people - and the facts; and
  • Methodologically able to approach the sales process in a well organised way

If they do and you have 3+ years' experience of successful sales of SaaS solutions into PMO's, COO's, Compliance Officers etc., then we'd be keen to meet.

The gig

As Business Development Manager you will be responsible for securing new clients. Simple. Your days will be full of stimulating activities and conversations, including:

  • Researching organisations and individuals online via a multi-platform approach - eg. LinkedIn, Social Media, industry publications, etc., to identify new leads and potential new industries;
  • Attending networking meetings and events to make connections and showcase Sidekick's purpose and offer;
  • Contacting potential clients via LinkedIn, email, phone, to establish rapport and set up meetings;
  • Establishing rapport and relationship via engagement with the prospects to assist them in optimising their functionality, truly catalysing knowledge transfer or meeting their current challenges etc.;
  • Explore new ways to open up new markets, contacts and organisations that can leverage you into new networking environments;
  • Developing bespoke proposals, with the assistance of the tech/dev team;
  • Presenting & closing Sidekick solutions;
  • Initial embedding of the client and project management.

Why would you?


Runthru Software is poised for very real growth, with a strong beachhead already established - providing strong reference sites - and demand for this solution is very real and increasing. There's  a solid remuneration package on offer with a six-figure base and OTE of $180K uncapped. You'll be supported by world-class operators - and as the successful candidate who secured the role through us, we'll reward YOU with the opportunity to turbo-boost getting your pipeline full in the early days - in the way that B2B buyers in the year 2021 want to buy - by undertaking a world-class 6-week workshop and coaching programme "POW - Prospecting Outbound Workshop" run by renowned social-selling expert, Mark McInnes.


Interested? You know you are, right? So, why not go ahead and click on Apply Now, build your profile in our platform, complete a short 10-minute self-assessment that tells us a bit about your nature and we'll be in touch? No need for a Cover Letter or a Resume.


Runthru Software is an Equal Opportunity employer and we encourage both female and mature-aged applicants as equally as all other suitably experienced individuals to apply.


Every application will be acknowledged and every applicant will learn the outcome of their application.


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