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Hey there winner!


Welcome to the next step in your application to represent this fantastic growing business, Shimmer Glass and Pressure Cleaning!


You're one of only 25 people, out of 300+ applicants, that have made it to this point! For the next stage we're going to ask you to answer a few simple yes/no screening questions, do an introductory video for us and then do a self-assessment that will give us insights into how you 'tick' and your ideal working environment/culture.


If you're one of our 10 semi-finalists, we'll then ask you to go through a 10-minute over-the-phone interview, where our amazing AI, "Christine", will get you to share your experiences with us on the topics of Customer Focus, Motivation and Lifelong Learning.


From there the top 3 will get to meet Shimmer's amazing CEO, Renee Munoz.


Are you ready? Cool. Click on the Interested tag and let the fun begin!


EVERY application will be acknowledged. EVERY applicant will be advised the outcome of their application.


Shimmer are an equal opportunity employer and we encourage applications from all people who believe they have the right blend of experience and character.


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