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Equity and income opportunity


The 'small' business sector is one of Australia's largest employers and one of it's most exciting. Entrepreneurs and aspirants, each ready to deliver something they are much more emotionally invested in are an amazing bunch of people to be around... and serve. I predict that this sector is going to explode in growth over the next decade and this is my invitation to you to play an important role in supporting that, while also building something of real value of your own.


Hi, I'm James Michael and I'm the founder and CEO of Justified Talent and I'd love to encourage you to consider joining this genuinely unique sales recruitment business, which is making a real difference - to also make a real difference... and build something of genuine value for yourself. This is NOT a franchise. It's a sweat-equity opportunity. But more on that later.


Our 'why'... 


I kicked off Justified Talent in January 2018 because I knew that so many small businesses reach a point where their capacity to grow - to move from start-up to scale-up - is hampered by the limitations of the founder. Many don't want to be in 'sales'. They just want to be able to deliver their 'baby' or 'clever mousetrap' with passion. So they need to bring a sales professional onboard.


I also knew though, that equally as many small business owners have a real concern about getting that wrong. Making a mistake. Hiring the wrong person and having to bear the cost (in the many senses of that word) of that mistake. And using a traditional recruiter was expensive and of questionable value-for-money.


My 'why' is to help them achieve the first, while avoiding the latter.




Four+ years later and we have a brand which is respected and seen as the go-to provider to help Australian small business owners identify, attract, select, recruit and then optimise their FIRST sales professionals. My small team and I have placed over 250 salespeople into roles all around the country (and even into the U.S. and the UAE!), with many clients coming back to us for their second and third sales hires.


The future...


Having developed a robust and proven data-driven system which helps our clients recruit with a 300% greater certainty that they've got the right person, it's time to grow. The initial plan is to grow around ANZ with Regional Directors in each capital by December this year. In 2023 we'll franchise, with an intent to bring on 70+ franchisees around ANZ. And then, in 2024 we'll head overseas. As a Regional Director you'll participate in and benefit from that growth. You're getting in on the ground floor of something which is going to grow... significantly.


So, who are you?


Quite likely not a "career recruiter". You ARE more than likely an accomplished sales leader. You've hired, fired, managed, led, coached, counselled and performance managed sales professionals for over 15 years. And equally as importantly, when people describe you, they use these attributes:

  • Smart, well-spoken and commercially savvy
  • Really comfortable and confident with 21st Century tech and social-selling
  • Goal-focused, determined, with tons of grit
  • Someone with presence and an opinion - while not dominant
  • A natural with people who also knows when to focus on the task at hand
  • A believer that 'ad-lib is for amateurs' while committed to continuous improvement
  • Generally positive, yet nobody pulls the wool over your eyes
  • Action-oriented and happy to make considered commercially sound decisions
  • Comfortable listening to alternative views yet also take a firm stand
  • A natural leader - people always look to you - and you love building capability
  • A balanced view of the world. You call on both data and intuition

Sound about right?


The gig...


Firstly, this will be about you 'establishing the beach head' in your location. Securing 30 loyal clients over the next 12 months and using the Justified Talent blueprint to delight them and have them use you again. It'll be hands on but you'll build a small support team around you and lead them. You'll become known as the Justified Talent person in your city.


You'll also be a valued member of the Group leadership team, contributing value and thought leadership to the group mission.


Once the franchise system has been set up, you'll become a Master Franchisee for your region and then, with the assistance of our Head of Network Development, you'll be looking for, recruiting, onboarding and leading franchisees in your state who will have vertical-expertise. At that point you'll be back to being (an exceptional) sales leader - and exponentially growing the value of your asset.


Interested? You know you are right? If you haven't already, check out my video accompanying this, then, why not hit Apply Now, give us a few details about you, answer a few role-related questions and do a quick 10-minute self assessment which will give us insights into your ideal work culture - and we'll be in touch! No resume or cover letter needed.


EVERY application will be acknowledged. EVERY applicant will be advised the outcome of their application.


Justified Talent is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage applications from all people who believe they have the right blend of experience and character.

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