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Business Opportunities throughout Melbourne


Real Estate Professionals and Buyers Agents...

It's been tough-going over the last 18 months - and chances are you might be feeling burnt out and asking yourself "What if there was a better way?" A way to truly build your own business, yet still enjoy the support of a reputed brand. A brand synonymous with true professionalism in the residential real estate sector. A brand which represents the future of Real Estate in Australia, not its past...


Well there is a better way - with a Property Mavens FutureWave Franchise.


Property Mavens FutureWave is a ‘turnkey’ business solution which transforms agents to consultants advising clients on all their property decisions. With FutureWave, you get to work from home or an office - at times that suit you. And instead of selling whatever’s on the office list, you’ll be your clients’ key advisor for all things property.


In markets like London, New York, Paris and Dubai, property professionals are not sales agents. They offer clients personal advice across all their property decisions over long periods of time. Agents become advocates, representing their clients whether they’re buying, selling or leasing, drawing on their intimate knowledge of the market to help people make better decisions. It’s a brilliant model ethically, holistically and financially.


And it's a way of operating in Real Estate that consumers are demanding... it's the future wave.


Who will this business opportunity suit?

  • Victorian Agents Representative or Licence (minimum)
  • Solid background in real estate - preferably sales
  • Resilient / Achievement oriented / Goal-driven
  • Good at building relationships and communicating with people
  • Intuitively knows what motivates people – data, facts, feelings
  • An individual performer who can work within a system
  • Optimistic – a ‘get up and go’ personality
  • Motivated by achieving ‘Win-Win” outcomes for their clients
  • Independent - not needing directions from above to act
  • Love the cut and thrust of building an enterprise
  • Comfortable with business administration


And what does the opportunity look like?


The Property Mavens FutureWave model offers:

  • A fully-scoped business system

  • An established, reputable  Real Estate ( Advocacy) Brand

  • Ongoing Marketing and lead generation

  • Business Development and Lead Generation tools

  • A Customer Relationship Management system

  • A Social Media and Digital Marketing presence

  • Professional MentoringTraining and Support

  • An established Media Profile

  • A Community to support your transition to a new business model.

Why would you?

  • You keep 84% commission of the revenue you earn
  • An affordable ‘turnkey’ business system ideal for experienced agents and advocates
  • It's your business with a proven formula
  • Marketing, systems, processes, training, procedures, leads – all provided
  • The support of a community of like minded people
  • Build a saleable asset, not just an income
  • Freedom and flexibility to match work with your lifestyle.

Has the time arrived for you?


If you’ve had enough of making other people rich, then Apply Now, express your interest, providing us with a few details about you and fill in a short 'check list' - and we'll be in touch.


We should note this is just an expression of interest. There’s no commitment from either of us and all your details will be held in the highest confidence by Justified Talent and Property Mavens.


Let's just get to know each other a bit and explore what’s possible!


And note this is not an application for a license and entails no commitment on your behalf. Nor does this constitute an offer of a Property Mavens System to you.


Copyright 2021 - All rights reserved. Justified Talent Pty. Limited and Property Mavens Franchising Pty. Limited.



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